Wyllie Recycling LogoWyllie Recycling is a unique and diverse waste management company offering a full range of services dedicated to maximising recycling. Operating across Tayside, Central and Northern Scotland providing waste collection, treatment, recycling and disposal services.

Wrightech started working with Wyllie Recycling to implement a system to deliver management of waste transfer note's. These essential documents track the movement of waste material from location to location. The functionality required for these transactions perfectly suited the WrightSys application framework.

Building on waste transfer note transactions, Wrightech extended the functionality offered using it's WrighSys framework by implementing the generation of invoices automatically from waste transfer data. Flexible pricing logic is provided to minimise the amount of price data required to be stored and managed. Additional charges are able to be automatically added when applicable. Reporting allows for the easy review of invoice data in advance of the production of pdf invoice documents. For customers who prefer electronic invoicing, the system can automatically email the pdf invoice documents, leaving those which require to be printed and posted.

Finally, all invoice data is interfaced to Sage as if they were created in the accounts program directly, not just using summary information.

Segregated Waste Pod LorryWhen Wyllie Recycling introduced a new scheduled segregated waste collection service at the start of 2014 coinciding with new recycling legislation, Wrightech added a bin scheduling module to manage RFID tagged bins and schedule their collection. By integrating the vehicle management system, Wrightech are able to send routes to the drivers screen prior to each run. This gives a run sequence and details each bin to be collected. Comments can be added by the office administrators to help the collection process. Following the bin being emptied, the truck system logs the weight against the appropriate bin entry in the route and sends the data back to Wyllie Recycling's server back at base. On completion of the run, the truck data is imported into WrightSys, automatically updating the appropriate transactions in advance of checking and inclusion in the next invoice prodcution cycle.

The system provides a suite of reports with a report builder sub-system which allows new reports easy to add.

By implementing Wrightech's WrightSys application framework system, Wyllie Recycling have a fully integrated work recording system that covers their whole operations and automates the production of invoices based on the work completed. In addition to handling regular container collection transactions, it manages the scheduling of RFID tagged bins with near-real-time integreation of weight data with the system. It offers secure access by its users and not only fits with current requirements but gives them ultimate flexibility to customise as demands change.

If you would like to discuss how the WrightSys application framework could help your organisation, please contact Alan for more information.